I moved to the Rogue Valley in 1995 to attend college at Southern Oregon University and have been here ever since. I have spent most of my professional career dedicated to serving the residents of this valley and this is where my wife has built her business. This community is where my family, friends and co-workers live and where I was chosen to be the Sheriff of Jackson County. I am committed to improving the safety for everyone in this valley, not because it is my job, but because this is my home.
Having been a police officer for the past 20 years and holding various positions in both city and county law enforcement agencies, I have the unique experience of policing a town as well as leading a complex and multi-faceted Sheriff’s Office. Throughout my career I have excelled in every position I have held; I am known for professionalism, hard work, dedication, leadership, as well as my commitment to this community both on and off the job. In 2017, the Sheriff’s Office had the busiest year yet, as compared to the last 12 years I have been there, and my team and I handled it in stride.
My experiences in the valley have given me the ability to foster relationships with our law enforcement partners, our community partners, our county partners, the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office, to better serve the public. These relationships, in conjunction with my reputation, work ethic and collaborative approach has allowed our agency to work cohesively within this community to address many issues, including but not limited to the Bear Creek Greenway, our chronic offenders, the lack of usable jail space, and Country Crossings among countless other important matters.
My greatest responsibility and achievement thus far is my family. I have been married to my wife, DeAnna, for 15 ½ years and we are raising two boys, Grady, age nine and Griffin, age six. My wife and I spent the first 13 years of our marriage living in Ashland and we moved to Medford in the summer of 2015. Raising two boys has been a great honor for us and maintaining a balance between work and family is a priority for us both. Improving safety in the Rogue Valley is a both a professional and a personal quest for me.
Giving back to the community that has provided my family and me with so much opportunity is high priority to my wife and me. In my free time I enjoy coaching youth sports and for the past several years I have coached youth football, Little League baseball, and soccer. I have also participated in several charitable events such as Live to Dance with the ARC starts, Polar Plunge, St. Jude’s Radiothon, and numerous fundraisers. I am also a member of the Southern Oregon Health and Equity Coalition Steering Committee.
I enjoy spending time with friends and family, camping as well as fishing, though my wife out fishes me more often than not. Aside from coaching youth sports, I enjoy the competitive shooting sport of 3gun. It is dynamic and fast paced and provides opportunities to enhance my skills relevant to the profession of law enforcement.
  • Graduated from the Oregon Department of Public Safety, Standards and Training Police Academy – 2000
  • Graduated from Southern Oregon University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminology – 1999
  • Completed the Rogue Valley Reserve Academy – 1998
  • Graduated Thurston High School – 1994
Certification and Law Enforcement Training
  •  Management Certificate – Department of Public Safety, Standards and Training (D.P.S.S.T.)
  • Oregon Executive Development Institute
  • Supervisor Certificate – D.P.S.S.T.
  • Advanced Certificate – D.P.S.S.T.
  • Intermediate Certificate – D.P.S.S.T.
  • Basic Certificate – D.P.S.S.T.
  • Nearly 3000 hours of Law Enforcement related training
  • Firearms Instructor
  • Former Drug Recognition Expert Instructor
  • Former Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Instructor
  • SWAT Certified

Law Enforcement Experience

  • Sheriff, January 2017
  • Patrol Captain – Jackson County Sheriff’s Office
  • Firearms Training Unit Supervisor – 9 years – Jackson County Sheriff’s Office
  • Detective Sergeant – Jackson County Sheriff’s Office
  • Patrol Sergeant – Jackson County Sheriff’s Office
  • Patrol Deputy – Jackson County Sheriff’s Office
  • Patrol Corporal – City of Klamath Falls Police Department
  • Patrol Officer – City of Klamath Falls Police Department
  • Patrol Officer – City of Phoenix Police Department
  • Drug Recognition Expert Instructor – 3 years
  • Drug Recognition Expert – 12 years
  • SWAT Team Member and Team Leader – 4 years
  • Active Shooter Instructor – 8 years
  • Marijuana Advisory Committee

Personal Community Involvement

  • Participant and Financial Supporter of Special Olympics Polar Plunge
  • Participant and Financial Supporter of Live to Dance with the Arc Stars
  • Participant and Financial Supporter of St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital Radio-thon
  • Financial Supporter of Young Life
  • Financial Supporter of Muscular Dystrophy Association
  • Financial Supporter of Alzheimer’s Association
  • Financial Supporter of Children’s Advocacy Center
  • Financial Supporter of Grace and Cascade Christian Schools
  • Medford American Little League Baseball Coach
  • Medford Pop Warner Youth Football Coach
  • GC United Kinder Soccer Coach