Sheriff Nathan Sickler with dedication has worked hard building his law enforcement skills and qualifications to better serve Jackson County. He has earned his promotions through merit and not through political favoritism. Sheriff Sickler continuously works on improving his department’s ability to provide professional services and raising their already high standards. Sheriff Sickler; leads by example, is trustworthy, has a vision for his department and how they can better serve our County, he holds his personnel accountable, and rewards his personnel that excel in their performance. As the former Medford Chief of Police, I value and recognize leaders committed to; integrity, service, and continuous improvement of themselves and of their organizations. Sheriff Sickler possesses the skills and the values that I and our community treasures. Sheriff Sickler has earned my respect. Please join me in voting for Nathan Sickler for Sheriff.

Retired Medford Chief of Police Randy Schoen

Nate Sickler epitomizes the very traits we need in any elected official, but especially in a Sheriff. Honor, integrity, honesty; and tireless devotion to duty and family. Nate Sickler has a moral compass that constantly points to “Do the right thing.” During 20 years in the US Army followed by a career in Law Enforcement I had the honor to serve with many amazing men and women. I count Nate Sickler among the very best of those and could imagine no finer choice to serve as the Sheriff of Jackson County.

Chris Willis – Citizen, Veteran

“Nathan Sickler cares about the citizens of Jackson County. He has the vision and goals to best serve the community as Sheriff.”

Eric Fox – Retired Captain, Jackson County Sheriff’s Office

“Integrity. Honesty. A good man. These are just words on a piece of paper to some, but to a few others these are words to live by. One man that I know who lives by these words is Nate Sickler. I have been in law enforcement or some form of public service my entire adult life, and I take with great responsibility the act of endorsing someone for such an important position. It isn’t something to be taken lightly, as the actions of the Sheriff will have great impact upon all of our lives for the coming years. We need a person that is a leader of the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office, a person of the highest moral character, someone who is tough but fair, honest and hardworking. Being the Sheriff isn’t just a “job”, it’s a calling, and I’m calling on the good citizens of Jackson County to consider electing Nate Sickler as our Sheriff. I’ve done so, and Nate’s got my vote.”

Chris Duran – Deputy Sheriff, Retired

“I have known Nathan Sickler for nearly 15 years, in both a personal and professional capacity. As a professional, Nathan has always been the consummate professional, a person you want to represent your organization. On a personal level, I’m proud to call him a friend. While I don’t live in Jackson County, Nathan has called Jackson County home for more than 20 years, and I know he cares deeply about the community. He is the proper choice for Jackson County Sheriff.”

Stephen Hedlund – Attorney at Law

“Many of you know, I was a cop for nine years. In that time, I was a Field Training Officer, SWAT team member, Hostage Negotiator and a slew of other assignments along the way. I know the job. As a cop, you are asked to follow men and women in command over you, many times in life and death scenarios. I have a friend who is currently the Sheriff of Jackson County and will run in an upcoming election to retain his assignment. His name is Nate Sickler. I want you to consider casting your vote for Nate in the election for Sheriff. I would follow Nate into any situation knowing he would make wise and compassionate decisions and most importantly, he would have my back. Nate is a cops cop, but he also possesses the intellectual bandwidth that enables him to work within a very diverse and changing culture. Along with those gifts and talents, Nate has a solid marriage and a proven record of excellence.”

Garris Elkins – Pastor and Former Law Enforcement Officer

“I have known and worked with Nate for many years. I saw Nate grow from a young enthusiastic Reserve Officer to a Corporal with Klamath Falls Police Department. Nate has always shown compassion and professionalism when dealing with the public and other law enforcement agencies. Nate sets the standards with his highly ethical approach to law enforcement.”

Melvin Ray – Detective Klamath County Sheriff’s Office, Retired

“Sheriff Sickler is a natural, well respected leader amongst his peers and other professionals.  He is easy to work with and his character and ethics are an example for others to follow.”

Corey Falls – Director of Police Services Gresham Police Dept., and former Jackson County Sheriff

“As we served together for 9+ years, I was able to observe his unprecedented ability to train and care for his peers, later his subordinates, and most of all their families.”

Barry K. Moore – 1SG/US Army, Retired and former JCSO Community Service Officer

In 2001 I began my legal career at the Jackson County District Attorney’s office, handling misdemeanors and traffic cases. I saw exceptional police work cross my desk from officers who loved what they did and one of those stood out from the others: a humble rookie patrol officer in Phoenix, Oregon named Sickler. I wrote many letters recommending him for higher training or special recognition. Nathan excelled at everything. From the early on, he stood out based on his sheer will to understand the nuances of search and seizure law. How fun it was to have him call me and argue about the Fourth Amendment! Nathan also understood where the limits of law enforcement were drawn— when individual liberties and privacy interests outweighed any government interest- and never wanted to cross that line. Now as defense counsel, I look to whether I trust a public official with power. Would they wield it judiciously? Or would it corrupt them? I don’t worry about Nathan; he will always do the right thing, even when no one is looking.

Rachel Bridges, J.D.
Formerly Jackson County Deputy District Attorney Jan. 2001- November 2009; Senior Assistant Attorney General, December 2009-December 2013.
Currently – Defense Counsel

Throughout my career, I have held a variety of positions including numerous years as a supervisor. In January 2002 to July of 2006, I had the opportunity to work closely with Nathan Sickler. He was always a very driven individual and he made many significant achievements in a relatively short period of time. 

Among other accomplishments, he became a SWAT Team Member, a Firearms Instructor, a Drug Recognition Expert and he promoted to a supervisory position in the patrol division.  He also successfully served in the often complicated and delicate position of Union Steward. I was always impressed and admired Nathan’s remarkable intellect, intuition and leadership ability.  He is a very genuine person who was well respected by everyone he worked with and supervised. Nathan always set a positive example in both his professional and personal life.

I have worked with a multitude of administrators and high ranking officials throughout my career in law enforcement.  I would consider Nathan Sickler to be one of the most intelligent, competent and professional individuals I have ever worked with.

Please accept this letter to serve as my endorsement of Nathan Sickler for the position of Jackson County Sheriff.  I am completely confident that he possesses all the desirable personal and professional attributes to be a tremendous asset in every aspect of this position.

Dennis Davenport – Current Law Enforcement Officer – 22 years 

I have been working in law enforcement for over twenty years in several counties within Oregon.  I fully support Sheriff Nate Sickler and have seen first-hand how he embraces 21st Century Policing concepts.  Sheriff Sickler not only cares about his employees at the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, but genuinely cares about the citizens of Jackson County.  The Adaptive Leadership qualities displayed by Sheriff Sickler are exactly what Jackson County needs going forward into the future.

  Greg Costanzo

Sheriff Sickler has worked tirelessly for the citizens of Jackson County. I have found him to be very collaborative on many projects. He is well respected within his department and the community. For these reasons, he has earned my support and endorsement.

Beth Heckert – District Attorney

As a long time resident in the Rogue Valley, I can say that a very memorable situation for the history books of our county was the process in selecting Sheriff Sickler. Community members and leaders were very much a part of the process in selecting him, and we’re planning to do it again!

Annie Valtierra-Sanchez – Community Leader and Outreach Coordinator

 Sheriff Sickler visited and addressed a meeting of the Medford Rifle and Pistol Club last year. He is a very approachable, pleasant person, very well versed about the conditions in Jackson County, fielding many wide ranging questions from club members. Sheriff Sickler has a very good knowledge of law and the US Constitution. I can say without reservations that all of the members that evening were impressed and will vote for him. His performance since then has only cemented our opinion. Sheriff Sickler is a great asset for this county.

Paul Westcott – Jackson County Resident

Sheriff Sickler is someone I respect immensely, as a co-worker and also as my boss. I competed against Nate for the position of Sheriff and I have no problem admitting the panel and the Commissioners definitely chose the right man to lead the Sheriff’s Office. Nate has done many good things since becoming the Sheriff. Even though I have since retired, Nate has my full support and my utmost respect. I know the Sheriff’s office will continue to thrive under Nate’s leadership.

– Dan Penland, Retired Captain, Jackson County Sheriff’s Office


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